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ACM Spring Update

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello Everyone!

As we get into the swing of the Spring semester, I have a couple announcements to give you all:

CS 1501 - Cracking the Technical Interview

We have a lot of people come to the ACM asking about tips and tricks on doing well in the technical interviews for the giants in our industry, and this is a great place to learn the tricks. Build your confidence and skills with this course, which pairs nicely with CS 2150 but covers material vital to any year of programmer. There's only a couple spots left, so sign up while you still can!

Student Game Developers Global Game Jam

Join the Student Game Developers club in participating in the largest hackathon - the Global Game Jam. It's this weekend from the 23rd to the 25th, and it's an excellent way to get into a game idea you've had floating around. Grab a couple friends and check it out; it's sure to be an exciting event!

Code Nights

The next ACM code night will be on Monday the 26th starting at 8pm and ending when everyone has left. Come enjoy free donuts while you work on code and socialize with the other ACM members! Note that the meeting time may change later in the semester to address conflicts, look at the ACM weekly emails for updates.

Derek Morris